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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The End of Something Wonderful and the Beginning of Something Even Better

Today is the last day of the Fall For Me blog tour, so I wanted to share with everyone my experience so far.

Back in October last year I made the decision to become an Indie author and self-publish my first novel, and it’s been a wild rollercoaster ride ever since. But I have loved every minute of it. I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, and that it would be a lot of hard work, but honestly I didn’t know what to expect.

I soon found out that writing the book was the easy part!

When you choose to go Indie you choose to take on the role of not only writer and author, but proof-reader, editor, marketing guru, publicist, cover artist, typesetter, eBook formatter, and the list goes on. Like I said, actually writing the book was easy.

Someone asked me what I liked most about becoming an Indie author. I love that I’m my own boss. At the end of the day what I say goes. There is no one else telling me I have to have a certain image on my cover, or I have to cut a particular scene. I make the rules. And I break the rules. Everything is what I make of it, and that instils in me an immense feeling of happiness.

The other thing that makes me happy is having the chance for people to read my story. Without the ability to self-publish so much talent would fall to the wayside. I love that I—and so many other Indie authors—have this fantastic chance to show the world what we can do. At the moment for me it’s not about the money—it never has been, although money would be nice—it’s about taking someone away from their troubles just for a little while. I still remember the feeling I had when I read my first review. I was so happy I cried. The fact that one other person in the whole world had read and liked my book told me I’d achieved what I’d set out to do.

I was also asked what I hated about the experience. I’m sitting her wracking my brain trying to think of something I hated throughout this entire process, and I can’t think of anything. I think that hate is too strong a word. I certainly disliked some things that happened, but I dealt with them and moved on. There is one thing I’m terrified of though, and that’s receiving a negative review. I’ve been extremely lucky to have had a fantastic response so far to Fall For Me. I know the day will come when I’ll read something I won’t want to, but as with everything else I’ll deal with it and move on. The good far outweighs the bad. If I had my time over would I do it all again? Hell yes!

My self-publishing experience is like anything we do in life. There’s the good and the not so good. There are steep learning curves, and there are moments of pure happiness. I am so very grateful for all my readers who’ve taken a chance and read Fall For Me. And I’m grateful for the wonderful and supportive friends I’ve made along this journey. In know it’s not over, it’s only just beginning.

K x

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