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Thursday, April 04, 2013

New Year's Resolutions - An Update

On January 1st pretty much everyone makes a list of new year's resolutions. So, how many of you have kept them? Or are they something that's already been forgotten about?

I just had a quick look back over mine, and I must admit I'm pretty proud of myself. I've kept almost every single one of my resolutions.

Here they are and how I'm going with them:

1) Write more!
Yes! I have definitely done this, and if you've been keeping up with what I've been doing you'll know that Sacrifice - A Fall For Me Prequel is due to be released by the end of May.

2) Read More
I set myself the challenge to read a book a week in 2013. So far I'm on the mark. Yay me!

3) Listen to my Kids
I'm a lot better at this than I used to be, and I'm making sure they get all the attention they deserve. I love my little people.

4) Disconnect to Reconnect
Ok, this one has been hard. I need Facebook to stay alive (I don't really, but you know what I mean). I'm in a routine where once I get the kids to school, I check my emails in the morning and attend to everything that needs it. Then I do stuff: clean, write, wash, talk to friends, sometimes I even go to work. Then I check emails again once the kids are in bed. Ok, and I also check here and there throughout the day, but no one is watching. The hardest thing is Facebook. I do most of my promoting on Facebook, so to not have it open in the background is difficult. But I'm starting to exhibit the minor symptoms of self-control, which is good.

5) Use my Calendar
I love my calendar. It is beautiful and I love looking at it. Because I love looking at it I am actually writing things on it. What I do need to do now that I'm so busy with new releases, guest blog posts, cover reveals, and another blog tour around the corner, is find a solution for everything to do with my writing schedule. If any of you have ideas I'd love to hear your suggestions. I've tried diaries in the past and I never end up using them.

Please let me know how your resolutions are going. Have you stuck to them, or are you already waiting for next year?

K x

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