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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Elsker by S.T. Bende - REVIEW and NA Crush Tourney Goodies

To vote #TeamUll in the NA Crush Tourney

I first heard of Elsker by S.T. Bende when one of my fellow Aussie Owned and Read girls was signed by Entranced Publishing. I must admit it wasn’t a high priority on my TBR, but after Aussie Owned and Read became an advocate for Ull in the NA Crush Tourney, I thought I better check it out.

Elsker is a little different to anything I’ve read in the past. I love books that are centred on mythology, which is why I’m a huge fan of the Percy Jackson series, but I’ve never read anything containing Norse mythology before. The extent of my knowledge when it comes to these gods is checking out Chris Hemsworth in Thor and The Avengers.

Elsker is a great mix of romance and mythology. Kristia has visions which have labelled her a bit crazy in her small, one-stoplight town. She decides to spend her last year of university abroad and heads to Wales where she meets the god of winter, Ull. Things get off to a rocky start between them, but before long they are putty in each other’s hands. I wish I was Ull’s putty!

The Norse mythology is seamlessly woven throughout the story, and neither the romance nor the mythology element is overbearing. The only thing I had a little trouble with was Kristia’s acceptance of Ull’s godliness. But I figured she was weird enough with having her own visions, who was she to judge a guy that just told her he was a god?

Ull, although his mood swung like an out of control pendulum, is the perfect gentleman, and I love how S.T. Bende has built his characterand all the other charactersin Elsker. Thor in particular amused me, and Gunnar and Inga were a great duo.

Elsker is a quick and enjoyable read. The story ends in a good place, but it has certainly left me wanting more of Ull and his world. I'm itching for the epic love and the epic battle. Four out of five feathers.

Now, I'm off to try my hand at that waffle recipe.

#TeamUll Promo
I had so much fun designing the banners, graphics, and putting together a little video to support this hunky Norse God, and I had even more fun reading about him. Check out the #TeamUll promotional media below.


K x


  1. Oh, KA! I can't even begin to comment on your post or I'll just start to cry. Thank you for EVERYTHING you've done for Ull (and for me!) in this Crush Tourney. I am just humbled that you'd put yourself out there like this for our boy. Your graphics made me drool, your video made me cry, you are just phenomenal. Thank you so so much! I heart you massive.

  2. Beautiful art KA, you're so talented!


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