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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Immagica Blitz + Giveaway - Meet Brynn

Brynn is the first person Rosaline meets when she arrives in Immagica. They don't get along very well in the beginning, but by the end of the book they're pretty good friends.

Name: Brynn (pronounced Br-in).

Career: Protector of The Barren Lands, and Rosaline’s guide.

Biography: Brynn’s history is unknown.

She looks around 16.

Height: Five-feet, six-inches.

Body Type: Slender and athletic.

Complexion: Olive skin, high cheekbones and pouty lips.

Eyes: Pale denim blue.

Hair: Long, straight and black, with silver streaks and several small braids through it.

Clothing: Brynn wears a pair of ripped denim shorts. Her top is cream in colour and looks handmade, with lacing up each side and an uneven neckline. Shin-high chunky hiking boots encase her long legs, and she has a small leather satchel. She also carries a spear.

Voice/Demeanour: Strong and bossy, but kind hearted.

Prejudices: Anyone who hurts her friends.

Best Qualities: Patience when it’s needed, and the ability to guide people in the right direction without them realising.

Weaknesses: Brynn can be summoned at any time, from anywhere in Immagica. This can sometimes be inconvenient.

Hobbies: Cataloguing the many weapons stored in Brynn’s Bunker.

Weapon of choice: Brynn carries a bronze spear. The top of the spear is fancy, like a sceptre, with a decorative head that houses an eye-shaped emerald. At the top is a sharp, silver point.

Talents: Zapping the bad guys (or anyone who annoys her) with her spear.

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