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Monday, June 23, 2014

PTALive Sydney (and some back row book sales)

I can’t believe it’s taken me a whole week to get around to writing this post, but then again, things have been a little scarce for me in the blogging department lately.

Anyway, last Monday night I made the hour-long train trip to the city to attend PTALive Sydney. The original plan was to go with four other Aussie Owned and Read girls, and we were all so pumped to finally have the opportunity to get so many of our team together. In the past the most we’ve managed is three of us in the same place, at the same time. Alas, the stars did not align this time, and we were whittled down to two by the time the night rolled around. So, armed with my backpack of books and a wonderful friend at my side (she always comes to things with me when other plans fall through because she is awesome like that), we converged onto Event Cinemas George Street with a rather large group of excited teenagers.

I felt very old.

To put it into perspective, the key phrase of the night was squeal worthy!

Still, the night was very informative, and a lot of fun. We were treated to some free books, and a book sale. Kylie Fornasier spoke about her upcoming release, Masquerade. I love this cover! It’s so purple.

We were also given lots of info regarding Penguin’s 2014 releases. I may have squealed when this came up on the screen:

I love, love, love this series, and the last one ended on such a cliffhanger I am itching to read this when it comes out at the end of August. So yes, even though I’m in my thirties, I also contributed to the night’s key phrase.

The other highlight of my night was meeting Heather from the Aussie Owned and Read team. We sat near the back, and I love her so much because she bought all of my books. And her friend did, too! So while everyone was clamouring down the front over the book sale, we had our own little back row sale in the dimmed light of the cinema. I felt all black-markety.

If you have never been to PTALive before (like me) and you love books, espcially those in the YA market, it is a definite must-see in your state.

K x

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  1. Ah! I'm so sad I missed this while I was in Sydney! Penguin does have pretty good titles to their publishing house. I would have really enjoyed to find out more. Not to mention freebies are always welcomed...


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