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Monday, January 04, 2016

WHAT A RIDE {2015 in Review}

When I look back over the past twelve months, I may not have achieved everything I originally set out to do, but I have achieved a great deal.

In January I published the long awaited sequel to Fall For Me. Fight For Me is the second book in the Tate Chronicles series, and after two years between books, I was glad to finally be able to get it out to all of you.

I went a little notebook crazy and released two of them. The Tate Chronicles notebook was released in January 2015 and the Immagica Notebook in February 2015.

I also published a short story called Suffering that is part of the Tate Chronicles and it appeared in Losing It: A Collection of V-cards. It was available for a limited time from Valentine’s Day 2015 until December 31. It’s sadly no longer for sale, and I’m still thinking about what I’ll do with the story. For now it will stay retired.

In March I headed to the Gold Coast for the second time to attend Readers and Writers Down Under. I signed books, met fans, and got to spend time with some of the most awesome people ever. You can read about my fabulous weekend again here.

I continued my studies towards achieving my BA degree, and I received the Executive Dean’s Award for outstanding academic performance.

I designed more book covers for writers who I love and adore, and I feel so privileged to be able to have helped them in some way.

In July I set off on a great adventure with my family. We spent three months traveling Australia in our 4WD and campervan. I deferred from uni for the semester, and the kids participated in distance education. We went to many amazing places, and saw lots of wonderful things. Australia is such a beautiful country, and I feel so blessed to have been able to explore it with the people I love the most. During the three months I did no creative writing, but I did keep a travel journal. You can read about my adventure here.

At the beginning of November I started an online writing workshop to help me get my writing back on track. I began my write chain, and I am now at 65 links. That’s 65 days of writing every day! Yay me! To learn more about the workshop go here.

I also got my second tattoo at the end of November. It incorporates an ellipsis, and it has special meaning for me, but I think that may be a blog post on its own.

I set my Goodreads reading goal at 52 books every year, but unfortunately this year I didn’t achieve that. I managed 49, which was so close, but there were many times throughout the year where I couldn’t read as much as I would have liked. I’ve set my goal again for 2016 and I’m currently on track.

After writing all this down I am truly amazed, and a little proud of what I’ve achieved. I had planned to have the final book in the Tate Chronicles finished and ready for publication, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I'm working hard on Die For Me though, and I hope to have it into reader’s hands as soon as I can.

All I can say now is, bring on 2016! I’m ready for another amazing year.

Stay awesome.
K x

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