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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

COVER REVEAL: The Lovely Dark

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The Lovely Dark

You might not know this, but I design all my own covers through my design business KILA Designs, and the cover for The Lovely Dark was by far the hardest cover I've ever done. I went through quite a few concepts, and it took months of searching to finally find the right image to tell my story.

What do you think?

Book blurb:

Three teenagers.
One witch.
Twelve souls.

Harvey Anderson always knew the universe was against him, but there’s a lot of stuff he never expected to happen, like having a crush on the most popular girl at school, and then falling into a giant hole in the middle of nowhere with her. And if that wasn’t enough, somehow they managed to release a soul-sucking, ancient witch as well. So yeah, there’s that. You’d think it’d be pretty hard to beat, but knowing Harvey’s luck, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.


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  1. It's totally gorgeous! I'm sorry I missed the cover reveal on my blog (I meant to sign up but always thought of it when I wasn't at my PC!). I'll share it to my FB page now.


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