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Friday, December 06, 2019

2019 wrap up and plans for 2020 …

It’s that time again to look back on the year, and remind myself of what I set out to achieve in 2019. I’m surprised at some of the items on my list, because I had completely forgotten about them. I guess it would help if I actually looked at the piece of paper I printed out on January first. In 2020 I promise to do better, but here’s a rundown of how my year went.

Writing projects 
There were four projects I wanted to complete in 2019 …

Project 1 – The Other Side of Me COMPLETED
I published the fourth part of All the Things on February 21.

Project 2 – All the Things series set COMPLETED
I published the omnibus edition in eBook and paperback on February 2.

Project 3 – ANI eBook and workbook COMPLETED
I published a new paperback workbook edition of A Novel Idea and the eBook on March 10.

Project 4 – Tate Chronicles Omnibus NOT COMPLETED
Sadly, the Tate Chronicles still doesn’t have an omnibus in paperback. I think I’m avoiding this project because it means resizing everything. I can’t just join all the files together as there would be too many pages. It will go back onto the list of things to complete in 2020, and who knows … I might actually do it.


Other writing 
My list also included some other projects which I didn’t give any details for because they were all at various stages of development. Unfortunately, none of those projects progressed far, if at all. But …

I did publish the first book in my Happily Ever After fairy tale series, Ella and Ash, on September 9. This was a deviation from my original plans, but I have loved going down the fairy tale path, and I have more fairy tale inspired books planned for 2020, including Chasing Neve.


My goal was to read five non-fiction books and twelve fiction books in 2019. To this date I have read eight non-fiction books and eight fiction books. That leaves one more book before the end of December to reach my 17 book goal, even if the split isn’t as intended.  

In 2019 I wanted to maintain my DI/HD grade average, and I succeeded in that. It was a difficult year study wise, but it was also my last. I will be graduating this month after six years of study. I’ve already received my transcript and I have a GPA of 6.45 (the highest being 7) which means I will graduate with distinction. I was also notified last week that I received the Executive Dean’s Award, for my high academic performance, for the fourth time across the duration of my degree.  

I continued to work with fantasy artist Selina Fenech, and we completed a variety of projects this year, including a colouring planner (which I love and have already started using) a journal for kids, and more colouring books. I also worked with some fabulous clients, including Jenna Lee. Make sure you check out Daring Journey, her book for teens, which will release early 2020.  

Plans for 2020 … 
I usually set the bar pretty high in terms of writing goals for myself, and 2020 will be no different. Study has been such a huge part of my life for so long, but now I’ve finished uni I should have more time to do other things. Some of that time I will inject into my writing, and some of it will go to other interests.  

Writing projects 
 • Chasing Neve is a Snow White inspired story I’ve been talking about for a while. It was my NaNo project for 2019 and is almost drafted. I plan to finish this and publish it in the first half of the year.

False Princess is another fairy tale I’ve spoken about. I also want to get this story drafted and published before the end of June. It is inspired by the Goose Girl tale.

Alice in Dreamland is an Alice in Wonderland inspired three book series partly planned. I want to get the outline for this finished, and at least have the books drafted by the end of the year.

See, Here’s the Thing is half written. This is part five of All the Things. It's from Levi’s point of view, and I would love to get it finished in 2020. I’m not sure yet if this will go up for sale or be a newsletter subscriber exclusive.

Date With Death is my ongoing dystopian story exclusive to newsletter subscribers, and I plan to keep releasing a chapter every month until the story is finished.

As well as the above projects I’ve been working on outlines for a new vampire duet, and a standalone ghost story. These are ideas I’ve had for a while, and I’m hoping to make a little more progress with them during 2020.  

Reading goals 
2020 will be the first year in a long time where I won’t HAVE to read books for study. My aim is to read two books a month with at least five of those being writing craft or non-fiction books.

I hope you had a productive 2019, and that you reached any goals you set for yourself. I’d like to wish you a very merry festive season, and here’s to living your best life from now and into 2020.

K. A. xxx

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