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Chasing Neve (Happily Ever After Book 2)

The people of Pomona are under threat from the evil Queen Merla, and until now, Princess Neve has been powerless to stop her. Locked away in a tower for the past year, she has watched her kingdom fall apart.

The evil queen wants to be rid of Neve once and for all, so she brings her before the magic mirror. Neve knows the glass will never name Queen Merla the fairest in the land, but despite what it says, her fate is already sealed.

With the help of her childhood friend, Chase, Neve escapes the castle and Queen Merla’s clutches. But Chase is now on the Queen’s Guard, and Neve is unsure if she can trust him.

Through a journey of loss, love, and betrayal, Neve learns that being the fairest isn’t easy, but that it’s better to fight and lose, than to not fight at all.

Chasing Neve is a love-filled action-packed reimagining of the classic Snow White tale.

The Pomona map
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