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Ella and Ash (Happily Ever After Book 1)

Three years after her mother’s death, Ella is left with an absent father, a cruel stepmother, and a magical pendant so powerful she must keep it hidden. The pendant is the only connection Ella has with her mother, and she will do anything to protect it—even if it means becoming a servant in her own home.

To escape her wicked stepfamily, Ella finds solace under the branches of the weeping willow beside her mother’s grave. Ella thought she could practice her magic there in secret, but when she is caught by Ashwin, the son of the richest lord in the county, Ella fears she may lose her pendant after all.

Ashwin gains Ella’s trust by promising not to tell anyone about the pendant, but Ella knows they are from different worlds, and she is reluctant to open up to him too much. When Ashwin invites Ella to a masquerade ball, she sees it as a chance to escape her life, even if it is for just one night.

But her pendant isn’t the only secret Ella has been keeping. If Ashwin learns who she really is, will the truth ruin her chance of happiness with him, or will it set her free?

Find out in this sweet and magical re-imagining of Cinderella.