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Winter Flame


Previously available in the Fairytale Christmas box set.

Wish from the heart, and you will never be wrong.

Ember’s Papa is too sick to work. They can’t face another winter without enough food, so Ember sets out for Stormbridge Castle. Blessed with the ability to see visions in fire, she plans to sell her gift at the market to help put food on the table for Christmas.

But a snow storm hits, and Ember loses her way.

Prince Rhys finds Ember buried in the snow. He won’t leave her, so he escorts her to the castle and insists she stay until she recovers. Ember thinks she doesn’t belong, but Rhys’s feelings for her grow. He attempts to shield her from his mother’s test, hoping their relationship will develop on its own.

But the Queen has other ideas.

She wants someone worthy to marry her son, and Ember’s trial began the moment she set foot in Stormbridge Castle. Rhys is torn between obeying his mother and telling Ember the truth.

Will Ember pass the Queen’s test, or will one wish ruin everything?

Find out in this sweet retelling of the classic tales, The Little Match Girl, and The Princess and the Pea.

This novelette is book 5 in the Happily Ever After series. Each book is a standalone story, and they can be read in any order. If you believe in love and magic, start reading this series of retold fairy tales today.

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