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False Princess (Happily Ever After Book 3)

Princess Aria of Auradale has everything, except the right to choose who she marries. She doesn’t want to commit to a man she has never met, but the time has come to meet the terms of her betrothal. Aria sets out for Rivergate to marry Prince Bryson, strengthen the alliance between their kingdoms, and face a life she would rather run away from.

Aria’s maidservant, Joceline, convinces Aria to cast a spell. They switch places, allowing Aria more time to decide if Prince Bryson is someone she can happily spend the rest of her life with. But being a maidservant isn’t what Aria was expecting, and she soon wants to be herself again.

Joceline has other ideas. She enjoys being a princess, and she wants to stay as Aria so she can be the one who marries the Prince. The conditions of the spell force Aria to help Joceline continue the charade, and the former Princess ends up with no one except a talking horse and a gaggle of geese as companions.

How can Aria break the spell when she can’t tell anyone what they’ve done? Stuck in someone else’s skin, can Aria find her happily ever after when no one is who they should be? Or is she destined to be the goose girl forever?


The Elemental Kingdoms
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